Track your prospects, Beat your competitors!

salesfootprints is an SME or SMB marketing & sales support tool, that Just Works!

  • Track the activity (footprints) of prospects and customers on your website and identify active sales opportunities
  • Calculate the ROI of internet marketing for sales initiated online that close off-line.
  • Optimise your on-line marketing campaigns for search terms that you know will deliver paying customers

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salesfootprints is the easy way track and manage on-line leads for sales that will close off-line, allowing you to quickly evaluate the ROI for your internet marketing.

Benefits of using salesfootprints

salesfootprints gives you the ability to identify the potential in visitors to your website. Tracking and scoring the activity of prospects or customers on your website and identifying the most active sales opportunities, salesfootprints empowers you to invest your time on prospects that are ready to buy and your money in the most successful internet marketing that gives the best conversion ratio.

Why use salesfootprints

Current systems that generate, track or nurture leads are either too complex to set up, expensive to administer or often require in-house IT staff for implementation. salesfootprints has been designed to be simple to install and will deliver useful information to you and your sales team from day one!

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Who uses salesfootprints

salesfootprints has been specifically designed for small to medium (SME & SMB) companies (typically B2B) to track the effectiveness internet marketing over a long sales cycle. Know which marketing channels drive off-line sales and optimise your PPC campaigns for search terms that you know will deliver paying customers.

If you use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or internet advertising to generate leads on-line that will later convert to off-line sales, you will know that traditional analytics tools can't be relied on to calculate the ROI for these sales. salesfootprints gives you the information you need to identify which PPC campaigns, organic search terms, or banner advertisements actually delivered customers.

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Track Prospects…

…over weeks and months, salesfootprints builds a profile of each of your prospects and lets you know who's ready to buy!

Track Phone Calls…

…often the best converting leads from on-line marketing. salesfootprints will tell you how these prospects first reached your website, the search terms used and the number of visits they made before phoning.

Track Quotations…

…build, send and track quotations from within salesfootprints, and your sales team can be ready for that follow up call as soon as the customer is!

Know your visitors…

salesfootprints automatically tracks customers that re-visit your website and alerts your sales team to contact these customers to ensure they buy from you again.